Frequently Asked Questions

How much are driving lessons?

- 1 hr Keys2Drive lesson $0 = 3 Log book hours

- 1 hr Keys2Drive + 1 hr lesson $60 = 6 Log book hours

- 1 hr lesson $75 = 3 Log book hours

- 1.5 hr lesson $105 = 4.5 Log book hours

- 2 hr lesson $135 = 6 Log book hours

5 X 1 hr lessons $350 = 15 Log book hours

5 X 1.5 hr lessons $500 = 22.5 Log book hours

5 X 2 hr lessons $650 = 30 Log book hours

- 1.25 hr lesson and use the car for the test and return home/work or nearby location $165

- Use one of our cars for the test $95

- Group Defensive Driving Course - 5.5 hours Approx. - $190

- On Road One-On-One Defensive Driving Course - 2 hours - $190

How do driving lessons work?

Your instructor will assess your driving competency level and develop a plan to work towards your licence test. The instructor will tailor the curriculum to your individual needs. In addition, the instructor will use a progress sheet and competency rating system, to help keep track of your progress and get you ready to pass your licence test.

How many driving lessons do I need?

There is no minimum number of lessons you must have. However it's unlikely that you will pass your test without any professional driving lessons. 10 hours of professional driving lessons is worth 30 hours in your logbook.

Are driving lessons worth it?

Yes. A qualified driving instructor undergoes training so that they not only know the road rules, how to drive defensively and how to anticipate other road users movements, but also so that they can share this knowledge effectively with a student. A driving instructor’s role is to build confidence and skills in the learner driver so that they understand consequences, can make judgments and know the law.

Are your driving instructors patient?

Of course! We have all heard stories about rude and impatient instructors, but our instructors expect that as a learner you will need their patience and support - they enjoy helping you.

What areas do you cover for driving lessons?

We offer driving lessons from Palm Cove to Edmonton.

Am I able to have driving lessons in my own car?

This is a good idea when the car will be used for a driving test. It is also a good idea when a learner has a new car and wishes to familiarize themselves with it prior to licensing. 2Pass Driving School is able to offer customers training in their vehicle, provided the vehicle is registered, roadworthy and comprehensively insured. The lesson charge is not reduced for lesson in a customer’s own car.


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